Ziggurat Cuisine: Afro-Asian hole-in-the-wall in busy Makati

Majority of the family (read: everyone but Dad) are big fans of spicy and hot food. Our tastebuds thrive on spice and chili, always looking for the spiciest and hottest food we could get. And whenever we visit the dentist (who also happens to be our relative), we always come across Ziggurat Cuisine, amusingly situated in between the streets of Tigris and Euphrates (named after the two rivers in West Asia, with Mesopotamia—the civilisation that housed the ziggurat—situated in the middle of the two bodies of water). And after one particular dental session, we finally decided to try it out.

And what a gastronomic adventure it was.

Ziggurat Cuisine can be hard to find, whether you came from the busier Makati Avenue or the more compressed Burgos Street. It’s found on the ground floor of Sunette Tower in Makati Avenue, and the exterior would often leave you wondering if you found the place. But once you get inside, you’re hit with the aesthetics of India, the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Middle East.

Tile art outside the restaurant.

Juncture of Tigris and Euphrates.

Chandelier inside Ziggurat.

One has the option to sit on the floor with the pillows and padded blankets, or on the maroon chairs. Just the same, the walls are littered with Egyptian hieroglyphs, Persian carpets, and African and Middle Eastern maps. The menu itself looked like a broadsheet and the choices can be overwhelming—we wanted to try everything on the menu.

Framed Egyptian hieroglyphs hanging on the wall.

Wall decorated with frames and carpets, with the parents at the foreground.

We finally settled for Salmon Curry Tranquebar (PHP 380.00), a Danish-Indian recipe with salmon, butter, tomatoes, garlic, onions, sugar, and cream. It was delightfully rich, and it was the parentals’ instant favourite.

Salmon Curry Tranquebar.

Considering we couldn’t decide which kebabs we were going to get, the server suggested we get the Mixed Kebab Specials instead. In our medium platter (PHP 625.00), we got beef tikkachicken tikka, and beef kufteh, and was served with grilled vegetables. Biryani (Mixed Vegetables for PHP 150.00; other choices include: Beef at PHP 250.00, Chicken at PHP 200.00, Turkey at PHP 300.00, Lamb at PHP 300.00, Fish at PHP 300.00, Shrimp at PHP 300.00, Scallop at PHP 300.00, Mixed Seafood at PHP 300.00, and Egg & Potato at PHP 150.00) was our rice of choice, the fragrant rice making our mouths water. It is a special Indian layered rice dish sauteed in butter and select spices. Two bowls were shared among the five of us because as small as it looked, it packed quite a lot.

Medium Mixed Kebabs Platter and a bowl of Biryani.

Unable to resist, we got Baklava (PHP 90.00) to cap off the meal. The sweet treat is a traditional Mediterranean dessert made with phylo pastry, honey, walnuts, and almonds.


Ziggurat Cuisine is located at the Ground Level of Sunette Tower, Durban St. cor Makati Ave., Makati City. It is open 7 days a week, with Fridays and Saturdays being open for 24 hours. Should you want to inquire, you may reach them at (+63 2) 897-5179.

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